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Over turned semi-truck tractor

"Good Evening All,

I am writing you this evening to extend and big Thank You to your crews for helping us today with our Vehicle Accident on CR89/CR31. We were dispatched to a reported vehicle accident at 13:40hrs. The accident involved a semi-truck tractor that had overturned into a walnut orchard on CR89. BT26 and E26 arrived on scene and we confirmed one occupant with significant entrapment who was conscious and alert. During our assessment, Captain Mendoza and I knew we would have an extensive extrication operation that would necessitate additional mutual aid resources. In all, Madison Fire, Yocha Dehe Fire, UCD Fire, AMR, and Reach all responded to assist on this incident, with Dixon E81 providing station cover for Winters; thank you!

As resources arrived on scene, everyone began working in their assigned roles to secure stabilization of the vehicle while coordinating an extrication strategy. Initial patient contact was noted at 13:45hrs by AMR 311, and extrication of the victim was completed at 15:01hrs. The extrication crews consisted of E26, R25, 1700, E17 and UCD E34 and all literally worked for 1 hour and 16 minutes to successfully extricate the victim. AMR and Reach 3 assessed the patient as he was removed from the vehicle and transported to the waiting helicopter. I received an update on the patient, and it sounds like he is doing well in the hospital.

Please extend a thank you to your personnel for their hard work and a job well done!


Brad L. Lopez

Fire Captain- Operations/Training

Winters Fire Department"


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