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  1. Ensure the safety of all participants during training sessions.

  2. Foster a welcoming and enriching environment that encourages collaboration between affiliate fire agencies.

  3. Provide access to high quality and innovative training opportunities and resources to support affiliate fire agencies.

  4. Encourage and coordinate multi-agency training and collaboration.

  5. Maintain fiscal accountability and contribution equity amongst affiliate fire agencies.

  6. Develop and deliver comprehensive training to support affiliate agencies. 


  1. Identify effective training and educational opportunities for affiliate fire agencies;

  2. Produce an effective annual training calendar for affiliate fire agencies and participants;

  3. Coordinate training opportunities for and between the affiliate fire agencies;

  4. Provide all required State, OSHA, and Federally mandated training as required or recommended;

  5. Work with affiliate fire agencies to effectively manage multi-resource training opportunities;

  6. Work with educational institutions to ensure formal educational credits are achieved for additional training deemed necessary or beneficial;

  7. Arrange external instruction and courses, when necessary or available;

  8. Develop and recommend measurable standards for training evolutions.

  9. Make recommendations to WVRFTC’s governing body with regards to policy, budget, calendar, etc.;

  10. Develop and review annual budget requests with WVRFTC’s governing body;

  11. Maintain and manage records consistent with State and Federal mandates and industry best practices.

The governing oversight committee may direct the WVRTC to provide necessary evaluations and recommendations for the development or acceptance of new guidelines and procedures, necessary to achieve its mission, vison, goals and objectives as stated above.

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